laser hair removal

How does it all work?

Laser Hair Removal is performed by focusing laser light energy at the surface of the skin and targeting the pigment in hair follicles. While the skin is cooled, the laser light energy rapidly heats the hair in the follicle to destroy the root of the hair in a process known as Photothermolysis. Best of all, laser hair removal achieves a permanent reduction in hair growth.

  • We tell you with integrity what our laser hair removal can and cannot do.
  • If we think that positive results are unlikely we tell you.
  • Getting the right results for you is our main priority.

What we can do:

The best results are achieved with hair that is dark and coarse. We give you the most professional and thorough consultation, helping you to make an informed decision.

What we cannot do:

Grey, white/silver, blonde, and some shades of red hair cannot be treated as they present little or no pigment to attract the laser light. As a result, the hair follicle will not heat up sufficiently to destroy the root. Additionally, we are unable to treat vellus hair, or those fine hairs that are present all over the face and body.

How long does the laser hair removal treatment take?

Fifteen minutes every 4-6 weeks, generally. This is the average amount of time your treatment will take. The length of your appointment depends on the size or how many areas you wish to treat at once. For the most common areas, such as underarm or bikini, only 15 minutes of treatment time is required.

Consultations required prior to treatment.